Case Study: How Water Tanks help Communities

Access to clean water has a huge impact. Speaking to students and teachers living in rural areas in eastern Uganda they told us first-hand how new water tanks and boreholes make a difference to their lives.

19 April 2020

Robert – a headteacher who has been serving rural communities in Uganda for twenty-five years -knows water inequality first hand. Before the installation of the tank, he remembers they just fetched water for the school using jerrycans – we would use about 50 jerrycans a day’.

These jerrycans would be transported to the school on motorbike taxis, used frequently across Uganda. ‘We buy the jerrycans, we give them the money and they go fetch the water for us. It was costly, and so the water tank has actually saved us a lot of money’.

Aisha, a student at the school, said: ‘We use it, it’s very beneficial as we didn’t have good water near our school. The tank has helped me so much. It is rare for us now to be having no water.’

Headteacher Mr Mokono said: ‘We had a new one last year. It has helped us very much. We now have fewer daily challenges now that access to clean, safe water is sorted.

“The tank has helped us so much. We indeed appreciate it.’