Ecobrick Tanks

We support the construction of safe, sustainable water tanks using “ecobricks” – waste plastic bottles filled with sand. We work with local partners the Ichupa Upcycle Project, the leading organization constructing rainwater harvesting tanks in Uganda.

These 10,000 litre tanks capture rainwater
supporting entire villages for 20 years

They are made using Ugandan know-how
and support the local economy

We raise awareness about plastic waste
which is usually burnt

Equal Aqua Filters

We support schools, youth groups and community centres by providing water filters and purifiers

Over half of Ugandans drink untreated water
44% have to boil water every day

A clean water source
that removes 99.9% of bacteria

Our filters last 2-3 years with zero maintenance
raw materials are sourced in Uganda

Education and Workshops

We run informative and practical events and classes with a focus on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Liquid Soap Making
an easy and affordable way to make soap, that people use to support their families and communities, or turn into a business venture

Reusable Sanitary Pads
an eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads that supports menstrual health

Knowledge Sharing
opening discussions about WASH, community development and climate change

Corona Virus Response

emergency action by the Equal Aqua team

Before the virus reached Uganda the Equal Aqua team visited rural villages to raise awareness and bring essential supplies. We ran liquid soap making workshops and demonstrated good hand washing technique.